Where Small Defines the Big

After many years of applying for a scholarship to well-known universities in the Netherlands, I decided to try the Christelijke Hogeschool. This University of Applied Sciences is in Ede (never heard the name before then), but it’s spelt exactly like a town I know in Western Nigeria. I don’t regret that decision; no one would. I wasn’t the only International student. I met others from virtually every continent on earth; the networking opportunity is excellent. Host students are helpful, so we settled in quickly. One striking thing is that you can’t tell the difference between members of the faculty and students. It is super cool to all be friends with several exciting Christian social activities to join.

The University Library -full of resources, became my favorite spot. It’s open all day and student residences are close to the University. As I write, I recall the stunning views of CHE’s buildings from my room. Of course, since there is a bus stop right in front of the campus, getting to the heart of the city is easy. Although I was too scared to ride a bicycle, my friends learnt how to ride right on campus and enjoyed cycling around town. Grocery shops are a walking distance. My mouth still waters when I recall the home-made dinners I relished on invitation from members of faculty. At CHE, studying is a real pleasure. Enlightening trips round European cities remain indelible, while the experiential learning system set me off for good.

Oh! My Orange Country… the land of a zillion bicycles. Till date, I can’t thank CHE enough for treating me like a Very, Very, Important Personality (VVIP) and not just another number!

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